Hello, this is Connect Job Agent! 
We are excited to introduce an upcoming job fair for Japanese speakers and learners from Indonesia.
‘‘Work in Shizuoka Fuji no Kuni Mensetsukai’’ is a face-to-face Interview Fair in Bandung, Indonesia! Candidates will have job interviews with several Japanese companies, which will be a great opportunity to get job offers in just 2 days!
【Connect Job ASEAN 2023 in Bandung】
▼Overview of the event▼
This event is an opportunity for interviews with Japanese companies that are actively recruiting people from Indonesia. During the application period, you will choose the company you want to interview with, submit your CV, and have a pre-meeting with our consultant. Then you have interviews with several Japanese companies at once and even get an offer quickly.
▼Event Date▼
– December 2nd & 3rd, 2023
*Please check the detailed schedule on the URL mentioned below.
Bandung, Indonesia
*Details of the venue will be announced at a later date.
▼Participating Companies▼
Cleaning operations manager, Equipment operation and maintenance manager


Quality assurance, Industrial science, Mold design, Molding technology


Mold engineer, Production engineer, Equipment maintenance engineer, Quality assurance, Production control.


Design engineer (electrical design/mechanical design), Production engineer


Sales engineer, System engineer


Technical engineer


Consulting for customer development and IT equipment introduction


Development_CAE analysis engineer, Sales


Production engineer
▼Application Deadline▼
Mid November
▼Check details & Apply from here