Uniqlo Manager Candidate

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UNIQLO MANAGER CANDIDATE || Jakarta Company Session is Coming!
Our UNIQLO Manager Candidate (UMC) will prepare you to take on many role as a talent developer, a problem solver, and above all, a business leader. As part of this program, you will join a group of passionate peers and undertake an intensive training program designed to build the skills and experiences necessary to run a business generating milions in sales.
1. We are a Global Company – No. 1 Retail Company in terms of Brand Value
2. Exciting career opportunity all over Indonesia
3. We are a dynamic, fast paced work environment and We are committed to make the world as a better place
1. Fresh graduate/in last stage of university are welcome to apply
2. English fluent (verbal and written)
3. Passionate to be a leader/manager
4. Has possitive attitude, hard working, flexible & adaptable in diversity working environment
5. Exited to work all over Indonesia
Come join us and be the Future Business Leader as one of the Top leading Company in Retail industry. We are waiting for your presence in UNIQLO Manager Candidate (UMC) Company Session. So many things you can learn about UNIQLO and this program. You can get a new experience recruitment process that give information to be a good leader.
If you want to be a part of UNIQLO, Register yourself soon, don’t miss it!
24th February 2023, Ged, Smesco Convention Hall

Link to Apply : http://s.uniqlo.com/UNIQLOManagerCandidate2023
Website : s.uniqlo.com/UNIQLOManagerCandidate
E-mail : hiring@uniqlo.co.id
For more information please contact Garuda Organizer as partner event organizer this program.
CP: Wina (0818 0612 0562)

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