In today's digital world, data analytic is being actively and widely used in the banking industry. As our banking experience is now transforming to digital, so is the use data analytic which enables the bank to engage better with customers where they can get advice on their financial activities such as spending, saving, and investment - and all this based on their behavior.

This webinar will be held online on Tuesday, March 22 2022, from 13.00–14.00. With the theme "The importance of data analytics for better digital engagement", this webinar was filled with speakers who are experts in their fields, namely Sharlini Cita Karim (Digital Engagement Head of TMRW by UOB) and Adityo Padmonanda (Digital Analytics Head of TMRW by UOB). There were 230 participants who attended this webinar. By attending this webinar, participants will be able to understand The importance of data analytics in banking industry dan How the bank use data analytics & digital technology for better & more effective digital engagement.