Transfree (Pt Pelita Transfer Nusantara)

Hi Young Talents!

Transfree is a regulated financial technology company that focuses its service on transferring
money between countries. Our mission is to make international money transfers feel like local bank
We value money transfers as more than just business,but it is about sending hope and life. It is a
lifeline for international students, migrant workers or expatriate.
As a startup company, we are very agile. We do continuous innovation to be game changer,and
make something people want. Let’s join in our internship program, to make a difference in the
financial industry.

We need your crazy ideas, we need your bright talent, and we want you onboard the team.
Available Positions
1. Engineering (Frontend/Backend, Mobile)
2. Design (UI/UX, Editor)
3. SEO
4. Business Developer
5. Digital Marketing
6. Legal and Partnership
7. Community Management

Please send you cv to and if you have any questions do not hesitate
to reach us on +62 855-9116-8551

The Transfree Team