The implementation of a tracer study (TS) is an important characteristic of developed higher education institutions around the world. TS is a standardized survey of graduates of higher education institutions that are carried out some time after these graduates leave their higher education institutions (Schomburg, 2014). Currently TS has been recognized among managers of higher education institutions in both developed and developing countries. In developed countries, especially Europe, TS has been implemented with a more systematic, standardized and orderly mechanism.

TS can provide information for the evaluation of higher education outcomes and also important for improvement and quality assurance of the higher education institutions. In addition, TS also provides valuable information on the relationship between higher education and the world of professional work, assesses the relevance of higher education, information for stakeholders, and completes the requirements for higher education accreditation.

Tracer Study Universitas Indonesia (TSUI) implemented by DPKHA UI because of TSUI’s population is relevance to DPKHA UI’s target which are alumni. TSUI is implemented since 2008 but since 2010 started to apply sensal design and online system.

TSUI 2021 was implemented to 6079 alumni and 5167 responded the survey. The survey is shared to the alumni within 6 months. Graduate Employability Rate is calculated based on Alumni who are employed and unemployed but seeking job (5167/(4008+194)), the percentage is 92%.