This Webinar activity will be held online on Monday, March 28, 2022, from 11.00 to 12.00. This activity has the theme: "Building Digital Startups in the Regions". The material for this webinar session was presented by Hardiat Dani Satria (Founder of There were 35 participants in attendance.

This webinar will explain the importance of young people being able to build digital startups in the region. In the regions, there are many problems that occur in the community, which can be a stimulus or inspiration in the development of digital startups. With digital startups developing in the regions, the problems in the community can be resolved. Not only that, this condition can also be a potential technology-based business opportunity. This webinar will also explain the potential of youth in the region to be able to compete in this technological era.

1. Information that digital startups are also developing in the region

2. The highs and lows of launching a digital startup in the region

3. How to Generate Ideas for a Digital Startup

4. Collaboration is the key to the sustainability of digital startups in the region.