PT Zhisheng Pacific Trading

Hello all students of the University of Indonesia, here our company is opening an internship opportunity for final semester students who wish to gain experience and knowledge about the working world. This internship vacancy is open to all study programs at the University of Indonesia, particularly for students in the Chinese Literature department.


The internship positions we offer are only available for students from the University of Indonesia who are proficient in Mandarin.
a.     Staff Renovasi (Fluent Mandarin)
b.    Leader Brand & Building (Fluent Mandarin)
c.     Tim Franchise (Fluent Mandarin/English)
d.    Bussiness Consultant (Mandarin Speaker)
e.     Finance (Mandarin Speaker)


Click on the following link to view available vacancies and information


*Placement : Jakarta Utara (Pantai Indah Kapuk)*