PT VRB Consultant,a consultant for drinking water infrastructure investment companies in Indonesia,based in Jakarta, is looking for experienced candidates with extensive hands-on experience and attitude:

Legal Staff

Job Description
  1. To provide guidelines, general procedures and legal advice for the drinking water supply system project in Indonesia, in all development stages, through legal basis analysis and compliance review of all legal/licenses/permits documentation required.
  2. Facilitatethe development process compliance by providing document required by prevailing regulation of the project development
  3. Represent organization/client in the legal related meeting with partner, key stakeholders and/or BUMD/BUMN and their representative
  4. Provideupdate of all legal basis of the drinking water supply system at all time, including related legal aspects of infrastructure in Indonesia
  5. Develop standard template of key documents of drinking water supply system development: letter of intent, MoU, NDA, Contracts/Agreement, Term Sheet etc.

Job Requirements
  1. Minimum Bachelor degree in law from reputable institution.
  2. Demonstrated good verbal and written communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  3. Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills.
  4. Commitment and enthusiasm in the delivery of the organization’s objectives.•Process thinker and strong in analytical skills
  5. Good Research and Report Writing skills
  6. Sound knowledge of Microsoft office applications especially Word and PowerPoint


Junior Financial Analyst Staff


Job Description
  1. Review, analyze and provide advice and input for further improvement and optimize available financial model of the projects. Through adjustment of the calculation method also application of prevailing accounting standard, tax regulation, insurance and financial service available in the market.
  2. Collect several data and information for the purpose of market research, data mining, business intelligence, to build the valuation of comparable company.
  3. Review all formula and link within a financial model ofproject investment and suggest recommendationsfor improvement.
  4. Collect the data and information to Maintain up-to-date financial instruments, market conditions, and trends.
  5. Tax regulations, accounting standards and regulations related to loan financing and investment capital


Job Requirement
  1. Min Graduate Level, preferably majoring in accounting or Financial Management with at least 2 years of experience.
  2. Fresh graduate with GPA min 3.00 are welcome.
  3. Process thinker and strong in analytical skills.
  4. Adequate interpersonal/ interculturalskills.
  5. Good verbal and written communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in financial modeling principles, supported by fluency with Excel formulas and functions.
  7. Good report writing skills.


Junior Engineer


Job Description
  1. Design and help maintain dams, reservoirs, aqueducts, pumping stations, pipelines, water treatment plants, and other parts of the water supply, delivery and treatment system
  2. Work with otherengineers and resource planners on cost estimates and planning studies
  3. Make sure the plans agree with policies and requirements
  4. Prepare drawings and graphs that explain technical information to people with different levels of knowledge
  5. Use computer models and spreadsheets
  6. Prepare technical reports and presentations for other professionals and the public


Job Requirement
  1. Graduates from Civil, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering from reputable University with GPA min. 3,00
  2. Attention to detail and has a ‘can-do’ attitude.
  3. Ability to process paper/electronic documents and utilize computer equipment.
  4. Ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing.
  5. Ability to visit project sites if necessary.
  6. Job also requires ability to assemble and analyze data


If you think that you are the right person for this position, please send a comprehensive resume to or CDC-UI online system at latest before August 15, 2021
For candidates who meet the requirements, the recruitment process will be conducted through online system.