Data Engineer

About the job
The data engineer role will be mainly helping the data team and the company as a whole to build a sound data foundation.

Key Responsibilities
  1. Design, develop and deploy data pipelines
  2. Data modelling, design and maintain various analytical layers in the Data Warehouse
  3. Design and implement various data health checks to ensure the data quality and  consistency across systems
  4. Design and implement data extraction solution in a distributed system
  5. Design and implement other Geometry data related processing solutions
  6. Build monitoring solution at various data snapshot / pipeline checkpoints


Skills require
  1. Minimum 1-3 years experience with Data Engineering, covering data pipelines from end-to-end
  2. Familiar with Python 3, able to deliver production ready code
  3. Familiar with one modern Data Warehouse solution, e.g. Redshift, Big Query, Click House etc.
  4. Familiar with one orchestrating solution, e.g. Airflow, Luigi, Azkaban
  5. Familiar with one Relational Database such as Postgres
  6. Familiar with Git usage, a good sense of documentation and standard sprint planning process
  7. Experience with Geolocation data will be an advantage
  8. Experience with other Data Engineering tools / framework such as dbt, Spark, Kafka will be an advantage
  9. Experience with DevOps and AWS will be an advantage
  10. Experience with analytical queries
  11. Language Proficiency : English (Oral and Writing) and Bahasa Indonesia

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