PT Eshael Indonesia

Since fully operated in 1997, Eshael Indonesia, PT (SHL Indonesia) has been working together with more than 200 companies, local and abroad for job analysing and competency assessment purposes. While officially became one of the distributor in 2003, Eshael Indonesia has expanded its business in the world of Human Resources of Indonesia.
Merging process of big companies that dominate the Indonesian market / economy as our leading clients proven that existence of Eshael Indonesia Business Solutions has been significantly recognised. As one of the founder of assessment centre technique in workplace, Eshael Indonesia has done more than 100 assessment projects and development centres every year. By integrating the expertise of our psychologists in the work field, their experiences and our products that match, the solution that we build and offer to our clients will give competitive advantage and value that can been seen. With more than 300 clients from both State-Owned Enterprises and Private Enterprises in Indonesia, Eshael Indonesia is recognized as one of the biggest consultant firm in the areas of human resources in Indonesia.


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