PT. BOSS HIRE INDONESIA is a top talent recruitment company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 2018, BOSSHIRE™️ has been assisting global companies in recruiting top talents capable of bringing next-level contributions. With a team of professionals, we recruit top talents filtered through educational background, work experiences, and thorough background checks to maintain the highest quality of employees for clients. Furthermore, we provide professional services for the most of major big companies in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region.


BOSSHIRE™️ has vast network branching which guarantees suitable candidates for our client’s recruitment needs. With CLIENT (Caring, Legitimate, Insightful, Efficient, Nurturing, and Thorough) as our motto, we dedicate ourselves to fulfil requirements provided by our clients so that only qualified candidates are offered to our clients to support the sustainability and continuous growth of clients’ establishment. We always strive to build positive, strong, and long-term relationships with clients’ companies. We have recruitment experts who are highly experienced in Human Resource and Consulting, the talents discovered by BOSSHIRE™️ display outstanding technical expertise as well as inspiring attitudes. With the office in Jakarta, BOSSHIRE™️ expands the networks in Indonesia enable for a wide talent coverage, resulting in the capability to excellently fulfills the client’s recruitment needs.


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