Princeton Digital Group (PDG)

Princeton Digital Group (“PDG”) is a leading developer and operator of data centers in Asia Pacific with existing operations in 5 attractive high-growth markets of China, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Japan. Established in 2017, PDG was founded by Rangu Salgame and Varoon Raghavan in partnership with Warburg Pincus.


The PDG leadership team is made up of industry veterans from the global telecommunication, internet infrastructure, data center, and real estate sectors. Our strong platform leadership is complemented by deep in-country teams. Our unique three-pronged investment strategy of acquisition, development, and carve-outs supports our mission to bring scale with speed to market to Asia’s most dynamic regions.


PDG has 20 data centers in Asia Pacific in 5 countries and 14 cities. Out of these 20 data centers 10 are operational and 10 are under development.


Investing in Sustainability
We at PDG believe in creating a sustainable digital future and are committed to having all of our data centers powered by renewable energy by 2030. We have four pillars of our sustainability approach:

Renewables: We secure large volumes of renewable power direct from generation companies to support our existing and expanding portfolio. All our data centers are connected to electricity grid in the country. PLN Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) used in JB1 Indonesia
Energy Efficiency: We focus on building facilities towards global standards of energy efficient building codes such as BREEAM and LEED.
Certificates: We actively pursue and achieve sustainability with certifications exceeding the highest possible standards applicable in the region.
Technology and Innovation: The engineering department focuses on technologies that can improve our operational performance.


PDG in Indonesia
Indonesia’s internet economy is a rapidly developing market. It is predicted that by 2025 the Indonesian digital economy will be worth US$100 billion, or 40% of all consumer transactions in the country.


This is driven by the rise in digital native businesses and emerging tech unicorns, drawing cloud giants to increase their market footprint in Indonesia, placing the nation on the cusp of the next phase of cloud growth.


We are a pan-country operator in Indonesia with five data centers across the country both on the islands of Java and Sumatra in the major cities of Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Pekanbaru. The PDG Indonesia headquarter is in Jakarta. By covering various cities from West to East of Indonesia, we provide the clients with alternate data center locations to minimize business risk.


PDG is the only pan-country carrier-neutral data center industry player in Indonesia. This unique feature enables us to provide our clients with the flexibility and independence to choose their own trusted Telecommunication provider.


The 5(five) safe and strategically located data centers in Indonesia are:


PDG is also constructing the greenfield data center in Cibitung which is set to be a two-building campus, standing in an industrial area with access to reliable electricity from two nearby power plants.