Pfizer Indonesia

If you love innovation, experience and being exposed to new environments, the Graduate Trainee Program is the ideal move for you.


When you take on one of our Graduate Trainee Program, you become part of a team that’s working to make the breakthroughs that change patients’ lives, all over the world. You’ll join a workforce in which everyone – no matter what their job title is – comes together to explore, discover, and grow. And you help to foster an inclusive culture in which everyone is valued for the unique contribution they make.


The 18-month program consists of a variety of meaningful assignments and projects for various departments in the company. These assignments will include exposure in: sales and marketing management, business development, project management, medical exposure and focus on training-on-the-job experience that is able to groom and build a strong foundation for the graduate especially within Pfizer Indonesia.


At the conclusion of the program, the graduates may have opportunities re-designated to a permanent functional role