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The Valuation Master Class Internship

The Valuation Master Class Internship is an offer to be a recent grad or a student with 30 years of experience in Finance and Equity valuation! Can you imagine that?! It is the only place where you will find a boss who gives you feedback until your works are up to the standard without risking your job!


It is an elite program that will take your Finance and Valuation skills to the expert level as it is designed and taught by Dr. Andrew Stotz (The former president of CFA Society Thailand and a #1 voted analyst in Thailand) and his team of finance professionals.


The program is divided into two parts (A total of 12 Weeks):
1- Week 1-6

All interns will be a part of the Valuation Master Class Boot Camp where they will experience the following:
1- Gain practical experience in company valuation
2- Learn real-world finance skills step-by-step
3- Absorb a lifetime of knowledge from a #1-voted analyst
4- Make lifelong connections and got access to finance jobs
5- Begin to transform into a world-class financial analyst
6- Value 2 companies and write one equity research report


2- Week 7-12
All interns will be enrolled in Valuation Master Class Professional which is the place that will make them among the top 10% in the Finance industry! After completing Professional, they will…
1- Have developed all necessary industry skills to jumpstart your career as a financial analyst, investment banker, or fund manager
2- Gained experience that would take years to get on the job
3- Found a way to differentiate themselves
4- Learned the importance of frameworks and being highly efficient
5- Valued another 9 companies from different sectors


You might now wonder how could I be paying for an internship instead of being paid!

Simply, the Valuation Master Class is not like any other place and our graduates are not like any other graduates! The program is usually priced at $2,294, but we thought about just a skin-in-the-game fee of $99 to make sure that we get the right candidates! The true disciplined ones, not the ones who will quit or drop from the second week!


Let us help you become the upcoming Finance Star!


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