UI Job Preparedness Program by CDC



CDC UI is an organization that connects job seekers (especially UI graduates) and employers. CDC UI provides information on job vacancies and career preparation programs for students and alumni to develop their future careers.
This program aims to assist UI students and graduates in developing their potential, so that it can help them to enter the world of work smoothly. In collaboration with other institutions, companies, and successful alumni, CDC UI organizes career preparation seminars and trainings where professionals and practitioners share their real-world work experiences. Together with the Soft-skills Forum, CDC UI also accommodates regular training called “Soft-skills Awareness for Jobseekers”, and many more. here are the Job Readiness Programs that students and graduates can join:

– Soft-skills Training & Seminar
– Character Building Workshop
– Career Planning
– Alumni Lecture (Alumni Talkshow)
– Job Seeker Training
– Career Seminar @ UI Career Internship Scholarship and Entrepreneurship
– UI JobFair (Career Expo, Internship, Entrepreneurship and Scholarship)
– Career Counseling Program (Career Clinic)
– Consultation for Entrepreneurial Leadership
– Career Talk (CEO Talk)
– Life After Campus Sharing (In collaboration with ILUNI UI)
– Career Talk (In collaboration with BEM UI)
– Career Assessment Program
– Resume Creation (CV) & Resume Assessment (CV)
– Internship & Apprenticeship Seminar
– Recruitment, Recruitment Seminar & Campus Hiring
– Linkedin Learning & Linkedin Talent Insight

To Register for this Program: For More Info: https://bit.ly/UIJOBPREPAREDNESS

Contact Us: Career Development Center Universitas Indonesia (CDC) UI PUSGIWA Baru Building, Tower B, 1st Floor UI New Campus Depok, 16424 Phone: 021-22373974 Email: cdc-ui@ui.ac.id (Employer) cs-cdc@ui.ac.id (Jobseeker) Mahmud | WA +62 895-0887-2632