This Webinar activity will be held online on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, from 11.00 to 12.00. This activity has the theme: "Inspired To Reinforce Life". The material for this webinar session was presented by Galuh Ajeng Sanristia (HR Manager at PT Indo Kordsa Tbk). There were 47 participants in attendance. Kordsa is a global player of tire, construction reinforcement and composites technologies market, operating with its "We Reinforce Life" mission. Kordsa touches every corner of life, making everyday lives more safe and sustainable with its environmentally friendly products that reduce fuel consumption in tire reinforcement technologies, by lightening the vehicles that enables it to perform with less fuel and lower carbon emissions in composite technologies, and by contributing to build long lasting and durable concrete structures in construction reinforcement technologies. During this journey, Kordsa is inspired from the joyful, peaceful and safe moments in life, and uses this inspiration to protect, sustain and enrich those moments. In other words, Kordsa is inspired from life, and reinforces life. Kordsa's new campaign, reflecting this vision, was launched with the "Inspired from life, we reinforce life" slogan. The campaign underlines that Kordsa knows by heart that the real richness are the unique moments in life, values those moments and strives to make those moments last longer.