In the future, many types of jobs will be lost. However, at almost the same time, there are new types of work emerging. This symptom actually appeared about a decade back. The development of technology will certainly change the way humans do work in the future. For example, some types of work have been replaced by machines and technology. On the other hand, these changes give rise to many new opportunities. This webinar tries to map the changes in work methods that have occurred now, and then tries to predict the future of work.

This Webinar activity will be held online on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, from 16.00 to 17.00. This activity has the theme: "Prepare Yourself to Work in the Digital Era". The material for this webinar session was presented by Achmad Istamar (FE UI Alumni), Country Head of Google Indonesia. This webinar was attended by 282 participants.

It is hoped that by participating in this webinar, participants can add new knowledge in

1. Career and industry changes occur on a regular basis.

2. Technology disruption and its impact on changing the way people work

3. Required skills for jobs in the digital age

4. How to prepare for a future career from now on.