Hitachi, one of Japan’s leading electric companies, is now looking for talents all over the world!
They are not only a “manufacturer” but also a “producer” engaged in business operations even after delivery of the products. It also creates the business itself and deploying it on a global scale. Hitachi needs you now.
Apply now!


■ Application Deadline: 20th November 23:59 JST (Second Deadline is 22nd Jan, 2023)
■ Who is HITACHI?
Hitachi assigns new employees to responsible positions to develop each employee throughout the work process. Employees are required to define and answer what their tasks are and how they will resolve the tasks for each job. Hitachi promotes a corporate culture in which during the course of work, all personnel are able to freely discuss with an open mind without regard to the job title. Hitachi is also very active to help develop employees by implementing various internal training programs! 
We believe Hitachi is the most suitable company for those who would like to develop themselves.
■ Positions (13 positions are open, also one more position is opening soon.)
・Researcher (Software and systems engineering)
・Researcher (Development and operation of cloud-native application, architecture, and platform)
・AI Researcher for Social Foundation Digital Service Innovation 
・Researcher (Computer Vision and XR )
・Researcher (Intelligent Media Processing)
・Researcher (Electromagnetic Application Systems Research Department)
・Researcher (Thermal and fluid systems) 
・Researcher (Electrification technology for a decarbonized society) 
・Researcher (Energy Conversion Electronics Research Department)
・Researcher (Home appliances and home-solutions to realize environmental value and Well-being)
・Researcher  (Technology development for Q&M automation using AI and data science)
・Researcher  (Intelligent Robotics, Control  technologies and Cyber Physical System R&D applied for industrial and transportation system) 
・Specialist IT Architect and IT support


※ Detail information about each job position is updated on ConnectJob. After your application, we will ask you a questionnaire asking your desired job category. 
※The required skills such as programming or language vary by position, so pleach check each job description on our job page.
■ Requirements
– Students major in either: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, etc., All majors with knowledge of Analysis, Programming
– Degree: Bachelor / Master / PhD


*Please refer to each job description for further details about the requirements
■ Estimated annual salary: 4,650,000 ~ 5,810,000 Yen
■ Job Start Date: October 2023 (or) April 2024  *Negotiable if you are already graduated 
■ Application Deadline: 1st – 20th November, 20222nd – 22nd January, 2023
*Those who have passed the document screening will be invited to the Information session before the interview and receive a notice of selection directly from HITACHI.
*These Notices will be informed in December through Connect Job.
■ How to apply
  1. Register (Sign Up) on Connect Job:
*You will choose positions in a Google Form which will be sent after you applied on the Connect Job website.
  1. Complete your Profile and document screening
  2. Submit necessary documents 
(Resume, Research report /research paper /thesis /dissertation /assignments)
  1. Information Session
  2. Online interviews
  3. Offer 
We are looking forward to receiving your application.