GSI Creos Indonesia

Our company develops various businesses in the fields of textiles and industrial products. The strengths of our businesses are combined and multiplied, and this creates synergies that make it possible to achieve further growth and development. Our basic role is serving as a specialized trading company that connects various partners, including manufacturers and factories, and creates added value, and at the same time, in some businesses, we combine this with manufacturer functions.


The businesses are broadly divided into those of our “Textile Division” and those of our “Industrial Products Division.” The products that we handle in our various business areas are related with commonplace items that are rooted in everyday life. Based on this perspective, we have organized our businesses into six distinct categories:
1. Fashion
2. Lifestyle
3. Health
4. Beauty
5. Technology
6. Chemical


GSI Creos is a combination of Cre=Create, Reo=Reorient and Eos=the Greek goddess of dawn. Just as Eos delivers the light of dawn, our global and professional workforce delivers new products and services to make dreams come true. This is the essence of the name, Creos.


Our corporate mission is to discover new value and crystallize it into value for society. As a business producer that pursues lifestyle quality for the times, we create original, first-rate services compatible with the public good, and work to realize the happiness of all those who create value with GSI Creos.
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