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  • Founded Date 04/10/2001
  • Sectors Manufacturing / Production
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  • Founded Since 1932

Company Description

Foseco is the Foundry Technologies Division of Vesuvius Group plc and is the global leader in products and solutions for improving foundry performance.
From its humble beginnings in a small room in Birmingham Foseco has become an international supplier of consumable products to the foundry industry.  Foundry Services Limited was established in 1932 as a supplier of flux products to brass and bronze foundries in Birmingham, England. The “Foseco” brand name was first used in 1934 and originates from the words FOundry SErvices COmpany.
Since 1932, Foseco has continuously developed product and process innovations for the foundry industry. These include exothermic and insulating feeding systems, filtration of liquid alloys, direct pour technology, solidification simulation software, non ferrous metal treatment and degassing systems, metal stream inoculation, electrostatic coatings, environmentally friendly binders and insulating ladle lining systems.
Foseco is a global operation with a presence in more than 30 countries with major facilities in the primary foundry markets in the UK, USA, Germany, Brazil and Japan. And since 2001 PT. Foseco Indonesia was founded in Jakarta
Our mission is to partner with customers, focusing on improving their business performance. Together, we create new value by enabling foundries to produce castings in the most cost-effective, technically efficient and sustainable way.
Foseco provides a comprehensive range of foundry technologies, equipment and consumable supplies, all backed by world-leading foundry process and product application expertise. These are delivered to our customers by an international team of experts, passionate about consistently creating better castings through a combination of: Partnership, Global Technology, Creative Solutions, Expert Advice, Reliability, and Knowledge Leadership.

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