PT Rukun Raharja Tbk


  • Founded Date 24/12/1993
  • Sectors Oil / Gas / Petroleum
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  • Founded Since 1993

Company Description

PT Rukun Raharja Tbk, widely known today as an integrated upstream to a downstream energy provider, was established on December 24, 1993. The Company’s journey first began in the real estate business. As the business grew, Rukun Raharja then transformed into a Public Company on January 22, 2003 through official listing at the Surabaya Stock Exchange (now the Indonesia Stock Exchange) under RAJA stock code. Since the official listing, the Company has actively carried out a number of participated in Limited Public Offerings as part of the efforts to strengthen its capital structure. In 2004, the Company expanded its business into providing logistics and port management services in North Sulawesi.

In 2010, the Company shifted its business to become an integrated upstream-to-downstream energy provider, which focuses on four main business pillars, namely Gas Infrastructure, Gas Trading, Power Plant, and Upstream Energy Business. Since then, the Company has continued to strengthen its presence in the energy sector, including through acquisitions of businesses that are related to the four business pillars as well as through the development and construction of projects in similar industries or their sub-industries.

Rukun Raharja continues to uphold its commitment to maintaining synergy in ensuring sustainable energy supply, covering gas trading, gas transportation, and gas facilities management and maintenance business activities. The Company believes that providing integrated clean energy services will eventually help to secure business growth in the future.