Career Hacks – Glints x CDC UI x Tasla

🚨 Calling all fresh graduates and final year students 🚨


Did you know that the job market has become increasingly competitive in recent years?

In 2022 – 2023 alone, a job vacancy receives 160 applications per month on average.
Less than 10% is processed further.

Take it or leave it, job search is tough. That’s the brutal truth.

But you can ace your first career discovery. You can stand out from the competition. You know you have it in you.


If you are:
✨ Fresh graduates or semester 4 (and above) students
✨ Looking for tips to hack around your first career discovery
✨ Interested in Product Management, Tech, and Data jobs

then we invite you to join ✨ Career Hacks ✨, a career mini-workshop co-hosted by Glints, TASLA Scholarships, and Career Development Center Universitas Indonesia.


Register yourself at and seize your career opportunity!


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