Hi UI Students, Askpert.id is looking for interns for our

The roles available are:
Account Executive, Content Writer, and Social Media interns.

Askpert.id is the first and only expert network in Indonesia. We are bridging companies with experts in their field to help them get insights about a certain topic in that industry and help them make better business decisions.

you can check us out at: www.askpert.id


What interns can expect to get from this program:

1. direct mentorship from the managerial level
2. various training to support your hard skill and soft skill, especially in sales.
3. chance to build up your project portfolio by handling real business cases
4. expand your network in various industries
5. get better understanding of various careers direct from the professionals
6. flexible work and monetary gain
7. leadership training

What interns will do as an Account Executive:

1. sourcing advisors & clients from various field as experts in our expert network
2. pitch Askpert.id to potential advisors & clients
3. Gain data sample for survey projects
4. build relationship with the advisors & clients acquired

This role is perfect for people who:

1. have willingness to learn new skills
2. can speak and write in english
3. good communication skills
4. love meeting new people
5. have a good logic and analytical skills
6. have sales mentality


What interns will do as a Content Writer:

1. write newsletter for Askpert.id clients that covers evaluation of a certain topic in various sectors
2. write short article content for our website

This role is perfect for people who:

1. loves to write and do a deep dive analysis of a certain issue/topic
2. great analytical skills
3. curious in mind
4. loves engaging in stimulating discussion
5. interested in digital marketing


What interns will do as a Social Media Intern:

1. Craft the idea and post social media contents for Askpert.id social media
2. Track social media metrics and report to team manager
3. Check and maintain the SEO web metrics to gain insights of the content

This role is perfect for people who:

1. loves social media and often use it
2. familiar with social media metrics and trends
3. creative and up to date


1. How long is the internship program? – 6 months, starting from April and ending in September 2022.
2. Do I get any financial benefits? – we give some, but the training weighs much more than the financial benefits.
3. I can speak English but not fluently, can I still apply? – sure, we will assess interns’ English later on.
4. Do I need to work at the office? – No, currently we are applying the 100% WFH regulation.
5. I am still in the early semester, and I still have classes, can I still join? – Yes, we will align your schedule with ours, let’s try our best not to hinder your school session.
6. What semester is this role open for? – 3rd until 7th Semester

The program will be conducted in April, but the registration deadline for this program is on 19th of February 2022. Please note that we use a first come first serve screening process, so higher chances for those who applied earlier.


If you want to apply, please register yourself in this link:


Any questions regarding the process or the role? You can directly email us at: info@askpert.id


Looking forward to meeting you soon. Cheers!