Asia Deal Hub

We are hiring interns!


Asia Deal Hub is the B to B matching service company. ADH has digital platform and expert network to make the B to B matching much faster and easier before. B to B Matching includes M&A hub, Partner hub, Marketing hub, and Fund raise hub. The position will support to originate the matching and do sales & marketing for the target users.


Role/ Responsibilities:

• Support of the B to B matching platform

– M&A target and Supplier sourcing, origination of the transaction or trading between buyer and seller

-Longlist development by using google search and data base

-Target company web search by using the digital search automation platform

-Approach to the potential target company (Email/Tel marketing)

• Support of the research for the topic from the client Preferable experiences

• Research and Consulting back ground

• Trading business experience

• Digital/Tel marketing experience Required skill

• Analytical and problem-solving skills

• Communication and interpersonal skills to develop user network of ADH

• Web/Market research skills or experiences

• Global data base management skill

• Solid Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) skills

• Self-motivated


Drop your resume at & cc