At AddedEducation, we provide outstanding on-the-job learning and training to nurture young professionals. Internship opportunities are available to students pursuing their undergraduate and/or master’s degrees.

The objective of this internship program is to provide interns with effective training in their respective fields of work, in-line with the business goals.

– Internship period: 2 – 3 Months (8 – 12 weeks).
– Internship work hours are between 20 – 40 hours per week (usually 35 hours per week)

We offer projects across:

1. Client Delivery and Servicing
2. Client Acquisition & Business Development
3. Marketing and Social Media

** Projects are not limited to the above-mentioned.


Professional Development: What is the role progression?

Based on performance and academic completion, there is a possibility of the intern role progressing to the position of a Research Analyst on a full-time basis. There is no guarantee that the internship will be converted as this is dependent on the organization’s needs.

Advantages of being an intern:

– Opportunity to collaborate with senior professionals and expand your network.
– Availability of resources and support in order to develop and refine skills
– Develop a better understanding of the industry & gain valuable work experience.
– Opportunity to develop a better understanding of the way a business operates, the various functions involved, systems used, etc.

Capabilities required for an Intern

1. Communication
2. Demonstrating Initiative
3. Flexibility / Adaptability
4. Listening and Responding
5. Result Oriented approach

The interested candidates can email me their CV/resume at


We would also like them to send us a cover video of not more than 1 minute answering the following questions:

1. Tell us something about yourself which is not mentioned in your resume/CV
2. How do you see yourself contributing to AddedEducation?
eg: What kind of project would you be keen to work upon?

The cover video needs to be shot in landscape mode and can be shared with us via google drive with link sharing turned on to ‘anyone on the internet can view’