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Co-Learn|Bidang Usaha-Pendidikan|Masa Berlaku 27 Juni 2021
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Backed by some of the world's top reputed venture capital funds, CoLearn was incorporated in early 2020 with the goal of making Indonesia competitive on a global scale. We aim to provide the best educational content and technology possible to advance STEM education.

Our team loves what they do and is on a mission to revolutionize the way education is offered and perceived in Indonesia traditionally. We are committed to making learning fun, accessible, and safe. Our culture of putting students' learning experience, employee ownership, and leadership transparency as a priority empowers our team to achieve goals, they didn't think possible.
We are looking for people who are passionate, curious, collaborative, committed, and fun-loving to join our innovative fast-growing company that is determined to shape the future of the ed-tech industry. Our product and engineering teams in India have multiple roles, give us a shout to know more!
More info click

Guru Juara - STEM

Job Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (Remote)
About Guru Juara:
Guru Juara is someone who is not just a great teacher but also able to connect and bring a fun learning environment to the classroom. It needs more than just mastering the Mathematical, Physics, or Chemistry concepts but also someone who is passionate about building up students' confidence in tackling difficult problems. We are looking for individuals with STEM subjects background, with a flare to teach to help us in our mission #satukelasdulu.

*Disclaimer : You will not teach all the subjects (Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry). Which subject you'll teach will depend on your background, your experience, and your willingness.
  1. Bachelor’s degree in Education or STEM subjects
  2. Have at least one-year teaching/tutoring experience
  3. Passionate about teaching
  4. Strong understanding of the concept in the Indonesian Curriculum for Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry (SMP & SMA)
  5. Able to operate Zoom meeting, G Suite, and other online meeting platforms
  6. Has the Energy/Sense of humor, ability to keep the class engaging
  7. Has online presence/persona
  8. Fluent in speaking Bahasa & English
  9. Great Communicator
  10. Be Gritty and willing to work hard and smart to get the job done
  1. Lead and take ownership of your own classroom
  2. Engage with students directly through engaging explanation
  3. Explain mathematics/physics/chemistry concepts in fun and interactive ways
  4. Maintain a conducive learning environment within participants
  5. Adapt teaching strategies based on the current and future learning/needs
  6. Ensure proper preparation for pre and post live session
  7. Prepare classroom materials and any other administrative duties as needed

You will make us go if:
  1. You’ve had experience in Ed-Tech
  2. You have your own channel - YouTube and the likes

Sounds like a match? Or sounds a bit too much? Don’t agree with something here? Let’s talk!

What does it look like one year from now?
  1. You have taught over 1000 students Live and many of them are so grateful to not only have you as their teacher but also their motivator
  2. Hundreds of students are more confident than ever and they are ready to take on the world because of you
  3. You have developed new ways to improve and innovate online teaching through different technologies you have experimented with
  4. You have been trained to be the best online STEM teacher in the country and now you are helping new teachers learn to be the best version of themselves
  5. You have learned very important skills in building confidence and motivation in others. You have become a great leader
Please check to know more about these positions.

Academics Partner

Job Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (Remote)

Job Description
Our Academics & Tanya team are looking for several positions such as QC Correctness Chemistry, Math Experts, Physics Experts, Math Machine Learning Tester, Video Solution Maker, QC Audio Visual (AV), and Cropping Team. The Job description might be vary but overall below is the general job responsibilities:

  1. Sourcing/selection of all subject questions
  2. Compare, categorize and analyze the question searched by the students with recommended images from Colearn App and find higher matching level questions from our search on the index page
  3. Crop & edit the question images in our database to be aligned with CoLearn’s guideline
  4. Create video solutions of Math / Chemistry / Physics subject for primary, junior high, senior high, and UTBK level
  5. Ensuring the quality of all video solution in our database aligned with CoLearn's guideline

  1. Bachelor degree in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or related field
  2. Passionate in education
  3. Have an experienced in teaching or tutoring
  4. Have a great attention to detail
  5. Able to meet a tight deadlines
  6. Open to criticism and resilient
  7. Excellent communication & interpersonal skill
  8. Able to use Google Drive
  9. Have laptop & internet connection
  10. Able to use video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effect) - for QC AV Audio Visual (AV) Team
  11. Able to use photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator) - for Cropping Team
  12. Have an engaging and friendly personality and tone of voice - for Video Solution Maker (VSM)
  13. Have creative ways to explain learning concepts -  for Video Solution Maker (VSM)
You will make us go if:
  1. You’ve had experience teaching or tutoring for primary school, junior high, senior high, or UTBK level students

Please check to know more about these positions.

Academic Sales Executive

As an Sales Executive you will be:
  1. Responsible to manage & convert leads for versatile Colearn programs.
  2. Providing in-depth information to prospective learners, this includes counseling through phone, email, chat and video calls.
  3. Identifying references through the existing customer base to increase the sales pipeline.
  4. Responsible for communication the Why, How, and What of CoLearn to learners and their parents.
  5. Meet and overachieve the given weekly, monthly and quarterly target in terms of revenue as well as number of enrolments.
  6. Maintain effective communication till the time learner is onboarded and ensure the learners are comfortable with the platforms
  7. Ensure proper documentation in the CRM, including but not limited to sales process tracking and data management.

That means you 🙌:
  1. Have track record of being accountable
  2. Are passionate about improving education in Indonesia
  3. Have good understanding of school level math and science
  4. Are comfortable in conversing with students and parents
  5. Must be a team player with the ability to work independently and prioritize

You will make us go 😍 if:
  1. You’ve had experience in EdTech
  2. You have experience working for a startup who have scaled 0 to1
  3. You have a foreign stint, either with studies or work
  4. You have B2C product selling experience.

Please check to know more about these positions.

STEM Experts

As STEM Expert, you will:
Delivering quality and engaging education first requires great lesson plans and activities that will make learning engaging for students. We’re looking for three positions: Mathematics Experts, Physics Experts & Chemistry Experts as part of our STEM Experts team. You will be part of the STEM team who are responsible for Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry content on our platform. If you are an education enthusiast with passion for Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry, you will be an ideal candidate.
You will also:
  1. Responsible for QC correctness - disputes, coaching, guidelines
  2. Responsible for sourcing/selection of Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry questions
  3. Audit uploaded videos/ review and act on negative feedback on content

That means you are:
  1. Fresh graduate with Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry background
  2. Having at least 1-3 years of Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry teaching in Indonesia experience is preferred
  3. Comfortable with English Language
  4. Be Gritty and willing to work hard and smart to get the job done
  5. Have a Growth mindset
  6. Smart with Humility

Shortlisted candidates will have to go through a Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry assessment online.

Please check to know more about these positions.
Send your CV online through
email : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated ( Friday, 07 May 2021 )
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