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Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation|Bidang Usaha-Human Resource|Masa Berlaku 8 November 2020
Written by Dian Ovita   
Tuesday, 08 September 2020


If you've ever used consumer electronics, then you know about Sony. Well, the iconic Japanese company is looking to recruit students for engineers!

These positions are open for a limited time only. The deadline is 8th November, 2020!
If you are interested in applying for Sony, please complete the application ASAP!

We have 15 full-time positions available,  no Japanese proficiency needed!
*Scroll down for details of full-time positions.

Apply through Connect Job, and we'll help you pursue this fantastic opportunity.

Total : JPY5,500,000~
- Base Salary:JPY 3,525,000
- Bonus:JPY 1,175,000
- Overtime payment:JPY 800,000

Total: JPY 6,000,000~
- Base Salary:JPY 3,900,000
- Bonus:JPY 1,300,000
- Overtime payment:JPY 800,000

Total: JPY 6,500,000~
- Base Salary:JPY 4,275,000
- Bonus:JPY 1,4250,000
- Overtime payment:JPY 800,000


  1. Dormitory Support and Commuting Expense
  2. 2/3 of the dormitory fee and full commuting expense will be paid by the company.
  3. Arrival allowance will be paid
  4. Statutory taxes, social insurance premiums, health insurance fees and all other payments required to be paid by Japanese laws will be deducted from your monthly salary.
  5. Japanese language training will be provided.
  6. Visa expenses will be borne by Sony.
  7. Moving expenses will be borne by Sony

Send your CV online throught CDC-UI website

We are looking forward to your application!



Who is Cybozu?
Cybozu is a software manufacturer founded in 1997 with the philosophy of "Create a society full of teamwork". To realize our corporate philosophy, we develop, sell, and support IT tools "groupware" that help teams share information and communicate.

In recent years, thanks to the development of IT technology, we have become an environment in which we can work together as a team with various members from all over the world, regardless of location or time constraints.

We use Groupware to organize and share information and to encourage communication. Our product has been developed by a large team of companies, public organizations, The service is used by a wide range of customers, including small teams such as business-to-business projects, NPOs, and volunteers. At present, more than 9.5 million users have used the service in Japan. (List of Company Services:

Sales Position

It is responsible for sales operations (Solution Sales), which propose improvements to information sharing to customers, and sales planning operations (Partner Sales), which are related to its own products, for sales partners.
Solutions sales are focused on large enterprises with 1000 or more employees and are focused on information systems and business analysis.
We will conduct business consulting sales activities using our own kintone products. In addition to proposing the introduction of Cybozu products, we also offer a wide range of consulting services to propose systems that are optimal for companies.
It is an important and rewarding job that contributes to the growth of a company by participating in the management of a company and providing consulting through information sharing.
Partner Reps will be able to sell Cybozu products to their partner (sales agent), SIer, and hardware vendors.
We propose sales policies and hold study meetings.
We plan new solutions by combining our partner products with Cybozu products.
Our mission is to create a system that makes it easier for partners to sell by creating their own sales methods.
Partner sales currently account for a large portion of Cybozu's sales.
It is a worthwhile job to build a deep relationship of trust with a partner company and contribute to growth as a member of the partner company.

- Japanese Business level above *around N2
- Those who can join April 2022, at the latermost timing

Apply to Sales position

Technical Specialist

  • We provide technical assistance such as technical inquiries and consultations from partners in each country in English or local language.
  • Specific activities include escalation responses from partners and sales, technical research, technical validation
  • It is the preparation of technical documents, etc.

Solution Engineer

  • In English or in the local language, we provide assistance to our partners in each country, introduce solutions, and educate engineers.

Technical Evangelist

  • Targeting developers around the world, we have developed a wide range of technologies, including in-house events, external IT events, hands-on sessions, hackathons,
  • We will work to increase the number of fans of Cybozu products through blogs and technical sites.
  • Specifically, we plan, manage, and teach seminars for developers in English or local languages, and hold events for developers outside of the company.
  • They will give presentations at hackathons, give lectures, write articles on blogs and technical sites, and run them.

- Japanese level conversational (*around N3)
- Those who have any programming skills
- Those who can join April 2022, at the latermost timing

Sales Engineer position

■ Estimated annual salary

  • 4,360,000 Yen above

■ Allowance

  • Commuting allowance (~ 50,000 yen/month), overtime allowance, special work allowance, transfer allowance

■ Holidays

  • 5 days off per week, Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, New Year's holiday (12/29 to 1/3),
  • Annual paid leave, Ultra summer leave, Refresh leave, Marriage leave, Maternity leave,
  • Maternity leave, childcare leave, childcare leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave, mourning leave, transfer leave, and other legal leave

■ Working style

  • Select flextime system, discretionary work system, ultra-work, remote work, multiple jobs, work with children, etc.
  • *Reference:

■ Health-Related

  • Health insurance associations (Courtesy and facilities available), medical examinations
  • communication promotion
  • Birthdays, club activities, event 10, work bar, internal events, corporate events, Monthly Message Meeting (Companywide MTG)

■ Asset Formation

  • Employee stock ownership plan, defined contribution pension plan

■ Support for independence and career

  • On-boarding training, 1on1 (Zazudan), foreign language study support, certification acquisition support, company study sessions, and adult experience club

■ Expense Subsidy

  • Cost of cafe and passport acquisition
  • See Also: Corporate Site Workstyle Page


Send your CV online throught CDC-UI website

We are looking forward to your application!


Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 September 2020 )
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