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Beranda arrow Career Talk arrow Ninja Campus Tour Seminar
Ninja Campus Tour Seminar
Written by amir   
Friday, 12 April 2019


 Ninja Campus Tour Seminar


CDC-UI together with PT Andiarta Muzizat (Ninja Xpress) invited UI students and alumni as well as CDC-UI members to attend the activity: "Ninja Campus Tour: Logistics Nowaday, Find Sparkilng Career Inside"


Ninja Xpress is a logistics startup company that offers innovative logistics solutions with the fastest growing growth in Southeast Asia. Ninja Xpress in collaboration with CDC-UI held activities to provide education and knowledge about marketing trends as well as business opportunities in the logistics sector as well as how the development of current logistics technology. In addition, this activity also provides an overview and opportunities for a successful career in companies in the logistics sector. This activity consists of 2 sessions with speakers who are very competent in their fields. 



Session 1: Trend of Marketing, Operation and Technology in Logistics Industry


- Stephen Roy Imantaka, Head of Operational Excellence

- Tika Sylvia Utami, Head of Corporate Marketing

- Dito Subandono, Head of Tech Indonesia


Session 2: Discover Your Talent and Career


- Maria A. Octasya, Head of HR & Corporate Services

- Try Habibie Arief, Head of Station Management


This activity will be carried out on:

Day, date: Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Time: 12.00-16.00 WIB

Place: Convention Hall Building, UI Depok Campus 



This activity was attended by 145 participants consisting of students and alumni of UI as well as students from other universities. Most participants came from the Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences (31 participants), the Faculty of Humanities (16 participants) and the Faculty of Engineering (13 participants). Meanwhile, at least 2 participants came from the Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Computing Science, and Faculty of Nursing respectively, and none of them attended this activity. 



For participants from non-UI universities who took part in this activity, among others, came from Gunadarma University, PKPI Pasar Rebo, Binus University, Muhammadiyah Jakarta University, Bogor Agricultural University, Persada Indonesia University, North Sumatra University, Krisnadwipayana University, Surya University, Gunadarma University , Jakarta State University, Paramadina University, Pancasila University, Padjdjaran University, Padang State University, Islamic University of Indonesia, Bengkulu University, APP Jakarta, Andalas University, Trisakti University, AMIK Medicom, UIN Suska Riau, Indraprasta University, Darma Persada University, Development University National, Gadjah Mada University, Budi Luhur University, Jakarta State Polytechnic, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bung Karno University and Hasanuddin University. 




This activity took place smoothly and was very interactive because in addition to delivering the material provided there was also a question and answer session. Many of the participants were very interested in the delivery of the material provided by the resource persons as seen from the number of participants who asked questions. 

In addition to students and alumni who have not worked, there are also some alumni who are already working and asking questions to the speaker about how to choose between working at their current place or looking for work in other places that are more promising but with increasingly old age conditions. In the question and answer session, many participants were enthusiastic about asking questions.
Last Updated ( Monday, 22 March 2021 )
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