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PT Xtremax Teknologi Indonesia|Bidang Usaha-IT
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 24 April 2018

.NET Developer / Back-End Developer

Location: Bandung

As a Back-End Developer, you will be introduced to ASP.NET development platforms and will be actively involved in building highly responsive websites. You will be tasked with complex programming obstacles that test your skills and eventually train you to climb to the top.

Xtremax values developers with raw instincts in programming and the determination to scale Alpine mountains, not hike small hills. We look for talents who are up for the challenge of meeting our high standards in improving user experience without sacrificing performance and speed.

Do you aspire to stand atop the highest peaks with us? Join us now.

  1. Create and develop maintainable software beautifully
  2. Work in teams to analyze and resolve software development problems
  3. Create and simplify technical documentation
  4. Recommend and build future upgrades based on analytical issues
  5. Collaborate with us to finish our cookies, then have fun and spread it around the office

  1. Min Bachelor from Informatics, System Information, or Computer Science
  2. Have a solid analytical thinking skill
  3. Expertise in C# development
  4. Experienced in Git Workflow
  5. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

System Engineer (for UI student/alumni Only)

Location: Singapore & Bandung

As an Amazon Adventurer, you must be armed with the determination and fervor to conquer the Amazon forest with PowerShell and other tools. This position is suitable for those who yearn to thrive and enjoy analyzing and solving complex problems. If you get that warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach when you figure out how to overcome obstacles, this may be the perfect role for you.

  1. Ensure the uptime, performance and security of the servers collaboratively with our Amazon Adventurer
  2. Analyze and isolate issues; make recommendations for future upgrades, also maintain backup including system backup, application backup, etc.
  3. Maintain integrity of the network, server deployment, and security
  4. Develop automated system for monitoring, logging, and backup
  5. Having fun and spread it around office

  1. Understand and familiar the whole concepts of the upkeep, configuration, efficiency, operation of computer system, networks, servers and also websites
  2. Expertise in Microsoft stack technologies such as Windows Server, IIS, MS SQL Server and virtualization technologies such as VMWare
  3. Excellent scripting skills such as bash, PowerShell, Python
  4. Familiar with Cloud technology, also grasp to design, installation of internet, intranet systems and network segments
  5. Enthusiastic to be relocated to Singapore
  6. Good written and verbal communication skills
  7. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

System Analyst (for UI student/alumni Only)

Location: Singapore & Bandung

As a Journey Architect, your band of adventurers rely on you to identify and analyse our clients’ requirements, before leading them on an expedition to fulfil them. This is in no way an easy task, but it is key to accomplishing missions successfully.
Ready to start an adventure of a lifetime? Join us now.

  1. Analyze whole system’s requirements
  2. Communicate clients’ requirements to the development team
  3. Document technical tactics of our systems
  4. Build strategies for improving our systems
  5. Have fun with Analyst team

  1. Minimum Bachelor Degree from a reputable university
  2. Strong analytical thinking to explore our journey and marvelous skills to work in a team, also have keen attention to each of details
  3. Experience as System Analyst or Technical Writer will be a plus point
  4. Good written and verbal communication skills
  5. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

To join our team, fill up our application form at:

Last Updated ( Saturday, 19 January 2019 )
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